Cosmopolitan Ladies Events

Cosmopolitan Ladies Events

Do you have a village? Do you have a tribe of women to help support you? Whether you internally answer yes or no to those questions, I bet you would love a night out with women of all walks of life to enjoy conversation, cocktails, and pampering of all kinds. We are all looking to feel connected, and valued in our lives, but sometimes don't know where to start.

I have been not only a people pleaser for most of my life, but also have always searched to feel seen, heard and apart of something. This is why I feel that we all need a landing place, or a tribe of women that we can call, text, or meet up with when life is amazing, and when the struggle is real. Whether you are a mom, grandma, single, aunt, girlfriend, or daughter, we want to invite you to join our TRIBE! Let's connect and show how we show up for each other! 

I established my business, Jules Flower Truck, as an investment into my daughter Jules. I have also been a student of history for almost all of my life and know how important it is that we make a change in our behavior now. I am passionate about modeling how we support other women and small businesses in our own communities. It is in my business plan to include and highlight others! 

Let's come together at Petit Parker every month for a night filled with fun, cocktails, connection, and pampering! If you would like to join and haven't received an invite yet, please reach out to me at 562-266-6616. 

Gaby Ancell


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